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Instagram Reels - how to get started

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Short form video content is is more than just a trend. It is an opportunity to be seen in a whole new way. Did you know that people watch an average of 16 hours of video content per week. That's in increase of 52% within the past 12 months.

TikTok started the new trend of sharing short form video content and really blew up in 2020. It didn't take long and Instagram needed to come up with something. Many say they want to be a copy of TikTok, but is it really?

Thinking about ALL the features Instagram has to offer, it is more of a one-stop-shop when it comes to marketing your brand.

Utilizing new features on Instagram will definitely give you a headstart, as they crave for content and push what's out there.

Now, short-form video content is much more than just sharing memes and copying others. And with Instagram being who they are, you'll have endless opporunities to reach a wider & new audience much quicker.

There are countless lessons I have learned creating 100+ Reels for all kinds of industries and niches within the past few months.

Let's start with some basics:

How to watch & create Reels:

You might've come across some Reels already on your feed, but the "true" way to watch Reels is through the Reels tab.

Here you'll be able to watch all Reels, including the ones from people you are currently not following.

This is how you'll get there:


Click on the Reels tab at the bottom of your page and you'll be taken to the Reels library.


Click on the Create tab and select Reels. From here you'll be taken to the create screen as shown below.

1. Position yourself the right way.

Especially when you want to add text. You don't want your face to be covered.

2. Keep it short.

To make someone stop scrolling, you need a visual or text hook happening within the first 0-3 seconds.

3. Consume to create!!!

You will only get a feel for short form video content when you actually consume it.

Creating your own version of short-form video content, no matter if you are creating for TikTok or Instagram gains more and more importance.

Memes and trends are fun to create and even as a business you can jump on a trend once in a while, but your Reels strategy should be different.

With your Reels you'll want to still stay true to your brand and reach your traget audience. Even if that is a new audience, you don't have to dance in your bikinis to be seen - LOL.

You can utilize trending sounds and let the lyrics guide you. Don't let a trend influence you on what you have to share. Be creative. What really makes you stand out, is to create different content.

People will need time to get used to the new format, but they will eventually love it.

Another improtant lesson I've learned is to try out all the features given to you and find out what works best for you.

Your viewers will notice if you got the whole Reels deal and if you had fun creating this.

Don't be afraid to test and experiement, while you keep up with your regular content strategy. Don't drop one for the other, yet.

You need help creating Reels for your business? I offer a customized 1:1 Reels coaching program to get you started.


written by Daniela Schrittenlocher

Founder & Owner of ELAS Marketing Services LLC

Follow @elasmarketingservices for daily tips, facts and honest social media & marketing talk on Instagram.

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