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Instagram Content Ideas

30 days & more

ELAS is happy to share 30 days of content ideas for your IG business account. Simply download the full document here:

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Social Media Guide tips & tricks

Here you are welcome to download a quick guide to manage a successful social media profile 

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only $4.99

ELAS Content Calendar

All you need to plan your social posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever platform you're on.

Download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to plan ahead and stay on track. Adjust it the way it works best for your organization.

ELAS Service Catalogue Website

The Complete List of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Using banned hashtags can harm your account and will decrease your organic reach.

Download the complete list of banned hashtags here.

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ELAS Hashtag Organizer

Don't we all feel overwhelmed with the amount of hashtags we use?

This is what you need to organize all your hashtags.

Simply add your sets of hashtags per content pillar and copy & paste them whenever you need them.

Download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to keep track and save time. You can adjust the organizer the way it works best for your business.

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only $4.99

Desktop Organizer Wallpaper

Messy, unorganized desktop? Not anymore. This is one of the best additions I created for myself.

Pick one out of seven different design options to organize your desktop.


Send us an email with the option you'd like, continently pay using the PayPal button below and we'll send you a link to download your new  desktop organizer.

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