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  • Terra Werner & Daniela Schrittenlocher

Top 25+ Social Media Post Ideas for Summer

Summer is here!!! ☀️

And with that come endless opportunities to connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way.

From local beach trips to BBQs, summer is the time of vibrancy and activity that can be perfectly captured on social media.

If you're a small business owner, content creator, or social media manager, now is the ideal time to craft niche-specific content that resonates with your audience.

PRO TIP: Batch create your content so you can enjoy your summer too ;)

*Batch creating content refers to the process of producing a large quantity of content in one dedicated period of time, rather than creating content on a day-to-day basis.

Here's why 👇🏻

  1. Efficiency and Time Management

  2. Consistency in Branding and Posting

  3. Strategic Planning

✨ And the biggest reason: reduced stress! No one needs added stress in the summer months.

...and to make it even easier on you...

Here are the 25+ social media post ideas for summer that'll make your brand shine.

1. Fashion and Apparel:

"Summer Wardrobe Essentials" – Create a checklist of must-have clothing items for staying stylish and cool this season.

"Beachwear Trends" – Showcase the latest swimwear and accessories for a day at the beach. 👙

"Festival Fashion" – Share outfit inspirations for music festivals, highlighting boho chic and trendy styles.

2. Food and Beverage:

"Summer Recipe Showcase" – Share refreshing recipes for summer treats, from fruit salads to ice-cold smoothies. 🍹

"BBQ Masterclass" – Highlight your restaurant’s BBQ specials or share grilling tips and recipes for the perfect summer cookout.

"Pairing Cocktails with Summer Feasts" – Suggest cocktail pairings that complement light, summer dishes.

3. Home Decor / Interior Design:

"Summer Decor Refresh" – Provide tips for updating home decor with a summer vibe, focusing on bright colors and airy fabrics. 🌺

"Creating an Outdoor Oasis" – Share ideas for designing inviting outdoor spaces, perfect for entertaining guests.

"Tablescapes for a Summer Feast" – Present ideas for beautifully set outdoor dining tables and centerpieces.

4. Fitness and Wellness:

"Summer Workout Routines" – Encourage followers to stay active with outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or beach yoga. 🧘🏼‍♀️

"Healthy Summer Eating" – Share nutritious recipes and wellness tips for maintaining a balanced diet during the season.

"Mindful Self-Care This Summer" – Offer guidance on maintaining physical and mental well-being during the bustling summer months.

5. Travel:

Michigan Summer Bucket List

"Summer Getaway Destinations & Bucket Lists" – Showcase picturesque locations perfect for summer travel, such as tropical islands or scenic road trips. 🏝️

"Road Trip Adventures" – Suggest routes with breathtaking summer scenery and must-visit stops along the way.

"Cozy Beachfront Cabins" – Recommend snug cabins and lodges for a serene summer escape by the sea.

"Summer Travel Hacks" – Show off your packing skills, favorite travel gadgets and on-the-go hacks.

6. Technology and Gadgets:

"Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Adventures" – Highlight tech gadgets like waterproof cameras or portable chargers for outdoor enthusiasts.

"Capture the Season with Apps" – 📱List photography apps that enhance summer photos and creative tools for holiday content.

"Smart Home Solutions for a Cool Summer" – Explore how smart home devices can keep homes cool and energy-efficient during the summer.

7. Pets:

"Summer Pet Safety Tips" – Educate pet owners about keeping their furry friends cool and hydrated during the hotter months. 🐶

"Furry Friends in Summer Fun" – Encourage pet lovers to share their adorable summer-themed pet photos.

"Summer Adventures with Pets" – Provide a guide to pet-friendly summer trails and parks, ensuring safe and fun experiences.

8. Etsy, Arts and Crafts:

"DIY Summer Crafts" – Share step-by-step instructions for creating festive DIY crafts like beach-themed wreaths or homemade candles.

"Summer Artistry" – Spotlight unique art methods for capturing the beauty of summer landscapes and beach scenes.

"Crafting with Summer Treasures" – Inspire readers to collect natural materials like seashells, sand, and driftwood to create summer-themed crafts. 🌊

9. Real Estate:

"Summer Market Update" – Create an infographic or a short video explaining the current real estate market trends for the summer season in your area. Include data on home prices, inventory levels, and buyer demand.

"Highlight Outdoor Spaces" – Post photos or a video tour of a property’s outdoor spaces, such as patios, decks, pools, and gardens.

"Neighborhood Summer Features" – Showcase local neighborhood amenities that are particularly appealing in the summer, such as parks, community pools, farmers markets, and local events.

10. Parenting and Family:

"Family-Friendly Summer Activities" – Compile a list of activities like beach days, picnics, or making summer crafts that encourage quality family time. 🏖️

"DIY Summer Costumes for Kids" – Share creative and budget-friendly ideas for crafting summer-themed costumes for children.

"Cool and Healthy Summer Snacks" – Offer nutritious summer-themed snack recipes for kids and the entire family.

30+ June Content Ideas for Any Niche from ELAS Marketing Services @elasmarketingservices

By tailoring your social media posts to your particular niche, you can create engaging, relevant, and shareable content that captures the magic of the season while meeting the needs and interests of your audience.

PLUS – the summer season provides the perfect backdrop for niche-specific content. Get creative and make the most out of these sunny months!

I'm always sharing Month specific Holidays and Awareness dates on my Instagram so follow @elasmarketingservices for more.

You can easily stay on top of your social media content this summer with our Social Media Post Planner & Checklists. Download for free now!

What post idea are you most excited to share this summer?? Whether it's your own or one of your clients, let us know in the comments! 🗨️ Don't forget to add your Instagram handle so we can follow along too.

☀️ Happy Summer Posting!


written by Terra Werner and Daniela Schrittenlocher @ELAS Marketing Services LLC

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