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Social Media & Marketing Coaching

social media management

Do You want to build 
a personal brand that stands out?

Daniela is here to guide you along your journey for as long as you need her. 

Her coaching programs are designed to fit your individual needs.

And guess what, she's done it herself and helped 100s of others to build their brand.

That is exactly why she offers 1:1 to those wanting to build a personal brand that's stands out.

Which social media channels can you help with?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

How do I get started?

You can get started by using the button below, which will lead you directly to my calendar.

How many sessions do I need?

The amount of sessions absolutely depend on your needs.

I do recommend a minimum of 3 sessions though.

What can

I expect?

I will work with you towards achieving your goals.

My main focus will depend on your needs, but often times include one of these:

  1. Branding

  2. Finding clarity

  3. Defining a strategy

  4. Humanizing

  5. Simplicity & Systems

1:1 social media & Marketing Coaching Sessions

All about branding, Instagram & more:

  • branding

  • logo and color palette

  • content creation & strategy

  • hashtags strategy

  • storytelling, captions, CTAs & hooks


All about Instagram Reels & TikTok:

  • features explained

  • hands-on video editing

  • choosing the right audio

  • transitions

  • trends & Reels strategy

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1:1 Instagram Success
Coaching package

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Are you
ready to

find your own voice?

This package includes FOUR 45-minute 1:1 coaching calls with Daniela, custom email recaps and tips, direct message support and access to custom resources.

Are you looking for clarity and confidence when it comes to building your brand on Instagram?

Then this is what you need!

You are:


  • an influencer wanting to get paid to work with your dream brands

  • a brand looking to grow an engaged community that buys what you’re selling

  • or a CEO looking to build a personal brand that stands out


Take a step towards that success with my help today!

1:1 Instagram Coaching Package

"Just in that short amount of time it's changed my thought process in the way I post now."

— Brittany Buttler,



"Daniela is professional, relatable abs sharp. I had a great first guidance session and am planning to use her services in the future "

— Lara Makh,

Business Owner

you need something else?

No problem. Our coaching capacity and expertise offers a flexible schedule and wide range of topics.

We also offer coachings for teams and speaking engagements.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing

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