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about me

Hi, I am Daniela, the founder and owner of ELAS Marketing Services. 

Who am I!? 

I am an enthusiastic marketing and social media strategist, driven by challenges and thriving with new adventures.

I am passionate about communications and content creation with more than 15 years of work experience globally, but mainly in Germany and the US.

the story

ELAS Marketing Services was founded in July 2020 out of a simple "bread-and-butter" conversation.


 We started off with the first two clients, who urgently needed an optimized online presence.

And so it began... 

Today, these two accounts are still with us :)


We believe in collaborations and unique partnerships.


Our partners and us agree to support each other with selected services, specialty knowledge and niche expertise.

Continuous growth can be quite the challenge, but with the right partners by your side you are able to succeed together.


We are proud to call KD Global USA our partner when it comes to combined solutions that help international brands through the chaos of entering the US market and it's online Marketplace.

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KD Global USA here:

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