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Hi, I am Daniela, the founder and owner of

ELAS Marketing Services. 

I am an enthusiastic marketing and social media strategist, driven by challenges and thriving with

new adventures.

I am passionate about communications and content creation with more than 15 years of work experience globally.


Combining my core values with the years of work experience, education and interests allowed me to take the next step and start my own business.

Today I can say I never thought I can learn so much in such a short amount of time.

The relationships I have with my clients are priceless. I enjoy every minute of my working day.


What started out as the idea to help just a few businesses polish up their social media presence, turned into something very different very quickly.

Today, we are a small, growing social media marketing agency providing  social media management, coaching services and a lot more.


Daniela, is the main point of contact for all clients, but works with a talented team of content creators, copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers. 

As inquiries continue to rise, we are currently building a pool of talented individuals who are interested in working on a project basis.

Please visit our jobs page to apply.

Our mission, vision & values

Today's world asks businesses to be innovative, engaging and always online. A modern, user-friendly and interactive website isn't enough anymore. It requires much more to stay connected nowadays. The world is changing faster than ever. A solid social media presence with continuous involvement is necessary to create and maintain visibility.

An exceptional content management of your marketing material and social media posts completes a winning marketing strategy. 

ELAS Marketings' mission is to help businesses of all sizes in the US and within German speaking countries, to create a solid online presence throughout all social media channels and to stay connected, while building communities, humanizing your brand and being aware of local trends, industry news and updates.

We know what's going on!

The benefits of engaging online profiles are countless.


ELAS Marketing Services recognizes digital marketing innovations in the beginning stages and provides a marketing strategy under consideration of local and industry trends.

We value an exceptional relationship and trust with our clients and partners and put a strong focus on maintaining it, during and after our business partnership.

Our client, isn't just any client or business, you are a partner, a human and a friend.

Honesty, personality and communication are the main elements of any business' success.

We represent both at all times.

Daniela Schrittenlocher | Founder of ELAS Marketing Services LLC

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