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How to Reach a Local Audience on Instagram

Reaching a local audience on Instagram isn’t a thing!? Oh yes, it is.

I changed my entire audience demographics and have been signing on local clients every single month using THIS EXACT STRATEGY...

✨ Think local!!!

Yep, that’s really all it is.

🚨 But many people don’t know they should target a local audience. Which actually comes down to knowing your target AND current Instagram audience.

So, who should target a local audience? 👇🏻

  • All businesses with a physical location

  • Businesses and brands providing services locally (not limited to though... aka me)

Basically anyone who wants to make an impact in their own or other communities.

Before we jump in, here are 5 common mistakes people make when trying to build a local audience:

  1. Tagging big cities in the hopes of reaching more people (common examples are New York City and Los Angeles). Fun fact: You'll actually do the opposite with that one and and attract a whole lot of bots and people you do not want to have as followers.

  2. Not creating local content.

  3. Using the wrong hashtags.

  4. Not connecting with locals.

  5. Not focusing on local.

To make it as a local biz or brand you have to have a heart for your local community, just transfer that into the online world. ❤️

Here's how you can reach a local audience on Instagram...

1. Tag smaller locations.

ATTENTION: This is how you tell Instagram and people where you’re at!

Fun fact:

According to relevant social media studies, posts with tagged locations get up to 70% more engagement.

🚫 BUT avoid tagging big cities.

Be smart about it and tag relevant smaller cities, neighborhoods, and communities.

Use local hashtags

2. Use local hashtags.

Using local hashtags will be a game changer.

This is how you'll help Instagram categorize your account and get found by other locals.

Think of local neighborhoods, communities and cities...


3. Create local content.

When you start to create local content, people who can relate to it will pay more attention to your content & account.

  • Include landmarks and known places in your visuals and text!

  • Use local language, slang, phrases and trends.


  1. Record your videos at a local park, popular coffee shop or the general downtown area.

  2. Michigander slang: Ope.

4. Be proactive.

If you’re a local business or want to connect and attract a local audience, the easiest way is still to get outside and meet people.


  • Join local events & fairs

  • Join your local chamber of commerce & other communities.

Pro tip: Start tagging these places and communities whenever it’s relevant to your content.

5. Collaborate with other locals on Instagram.

Collaborations with other local business, brands, creators and influencers is always a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience fast and be seen. 

Find local businesses & brands you vibe with.

Reminder: A collab has to be beneficial for both sides.


  • Run a joint giveaway.

  • Introduce each other on your stories.

  • Share their posts to your story and support them.

Now that you're ready to grow your biz...

🚨 Here’s ones last COMMON MISTAKE for the one’s who think too local.

Don’t just limit yourself to one city or town! People have cars and travel, so be smart about it 😉

Are you targeting a local audience? What questions do you have?

Feel free to reach out if you need help. You can always connect with us via one of our social media platforms e.g. Instagram messenger or email

And if you're local to Michigan and need help with your socials check out our monthly content creation packages or social media management services including monthly local video shoots.

PLUS we also some new exciting things coming very soon for our GR based community 👀

So stay tuned!


written by Daniela Schrittenlocher @ELAS Marketing Services LLC

Follow @elasmarketingservices for daily tips, facts and honest social media & marketing talk on Instagram.

Email us at with questions or topic requests.

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Chelsea Merry
Chelsea Merry
May 15

Super insightful post! Thanks for the detailed explanation and the common mistakes to look out for :)


May 15

Great tips here!!! 🫶🏻

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