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It doesn't matter if you're business is in the US or Germany, I'd love to help you improve your online presence and boost your social media profiles.

Social media marketing is crucial for a sustainable visibility in today's world. Content marketing is more than just the text on your website and SEO increases not only the click rate.

Let's looks behind the scenes, boosts your digital marketing strategy and helps you to stay connected.

Find out more below.

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Services and what I do.

Here at ELAS Marketing Services I offer a variety of digital marketing and communications services, including social media management & coaching to those of you in need of a marketing junkie. If your businesses is operating within the US and / or any German speaking country, I can help you improve your social presence.

Let your brand flourish with a customized social strategy and an optimized online presence.

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ELAS professional communication services include, copywriting, editing, content management, corporate newsletters, traditional marketing material, as well as translations from English to German and vise versa.

You need assistance creating content for your website or writing an article about your company, a product or service?

Call me

I am providing social media coaching as well as complete management of your social media profiles to improve your visibility and engagement. Let us optimize your profiles and provide exceptional customer service with a makeover of your current online presence.

You are overwhelmed to stay on track with social media updates and trends or simply need a makeover? 


Let's connect

A website is your companies online presence and image.

Your website should be engaging, user friendly, mobile and SEO friendly. 

I am a wix.com expert offering custom website development & design as well as SEO audits at a competitive rate.


Your website is outdated or you are not sure what to improve in order to increase traffic?

Contact me.



"a comprehensive online presence of small and mid-sized businesses in today's digital world

with an overall consideration of local trends." 

Today's world asks businesses to be innovative, engaging and always online. A modern, user-friendly and interactive website isn't enough anymore. It requires much more to stay connected nowadays. The world is changing faster than ever. A solid social media presence with continuous involvement is necessary to create and maintain visibility.

An exceptional content management of your website, marketing material and social posts is crucial for a state of the art SEO and completes a winning marketing strategy. 

ELAS Marketing Services forte is to help small and mid-sized businesses in the US and within German speaking countries, to create a solid online presence throughout today's digital channels and to stay connected, while being aware of local trends.

The benefits of engaging online profiles are countless.

ELAS Marketing Services recognizes digital marketing innovations in the beginning stages and provides a marketing strategy under consideration of local trends. 

Daniela Schrittenlocher | Founder of ELAS Marketing Services LLC


Fun stuff

what is the world without a little fun? Here you'll find live-in-action and behind the scenes info from

ELAS Marketing Services Instagram account. 

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Wyoming, MI 49418, USA

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