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How to Create Your Instagram Color Palette

It cracks me up every time people ask me about my color palette. Here’s why👇🏻

There are so many copies of not just the content I put out there, but also my brand visuals.

Now think about all those white aesthetics and faceless accounts… every single account looks the same 🥱

People are trying to use the same colors, fonts and design just to grow an account as big as their competitors! It’s honestly the most stupid thing you can do.

Colors in marketing & branding are used to:

  • deliver a message!

  • differentiate you from your competitors

  • make you stand out and be recognizable

Behind every color and color combination is a meaning.

Here's how you create your perfect Instagram color palette...

1. Know your brand!

Without knowing who you are, you won't be able to define your perfect brand colors!

Answer these 3 questions:

  • Who are you?

  • What are your values?

  • What do you sound like?

🚨 Pro tip: Reflect on your target audience, competitors, and current trends.

2. Learn more about colors!

Do you know the true meaning of colors?

Here you go:

Color meanings

Red is energy, passion and danger

Orange is creativity, youth and enthusiasm

Yellow is happiness, hope and spontaneity

Green is nature, growth, harmony, wealth, stability

Blue is calm, trust and intelligence

Purple is luxury, mystery and spirituality

Pink is femininity, playfulness and romance

Brown is wholesomeness, warmth and honesty

Black is elegance, power and sophistication

Gray is professionalism, formality, conventionality

White is purity or innocence

3. Align your brand with relevant colors!

Align your brand with relevant colors.


  1. I am a super passionate person.

  2. Have 18+ years of work experience.

  3. Worked with major brands and helped hundreds of people & businesses.

Example of my brand colors and meaning.

4. Consider your competitors.

You don't want to look the same!

Your aim should be to not just pick your perfect colors, but also to stand out.

Research your competitors and make sure you look different!

Consider your competitors visuals and don't copy.

5. Create brand guidelines.

Create brand guidelines so your visuals are recognizable.

Make sure:

  1. Your brand always looks the same.

  2. Your brand becomes recognizable with every post.

🚨 Pro tip: You've done it right when people see your posts and know it's yours without looking at your handle 😉

Something to remember: What may work for others will never work for you in the long run, because you’re simply just a copy!

Even when a certain style or vibe is currently trending (e.g. retro or white aesthetics), you can consider the trend while creating a unique brand that stands out even beyond the trend.

But that also means you are aware of current trends and know what’s going to be your best fit.

🚨 I see so many people putting out amazing content that are working with the wrong visuals or just look like everyone else. 😫 It’s so sad, because there's so much more in it for you.

✨ My team and I create YOUnique Instagram trend palettes and visuals ALL. THE. TIME.

If you need help finding yours, check out our Intentional Brand Workbook to get started.


written by Daniela Schrittenlocher @ELAS Marketing Services LLC

Follow @elasmarketingservices for daily tips, facts and honest social media & marketing talk on Instagram.

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