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  • Terra Werner & Daniela Schrittenlocher

5 Social Media Trends 2023 Predicted & Explained

Let's make 2023 the best year yet for you and your business! We've forecasted what it's going to take to be relevant on social media so we can help add value to your marketing strategy.

Here are 5 social media trends predicted and explained for you to take your social game to the next level in 2023.

☝🏻 But first, let’s talk about trends in general.

Trends are popular and become a common “thing” within any industry. Some trends stay longer than others and/or keep evolving. Sometimes even into something new. An old trend can be the foundation for a new trend.

For 2023 we are definitely seeing some trends which have evolved quite a bit throughout the years, but have still not reached their peak. So let’s dive into that.

1. Influencer Marketing

This has been a buzz in social media and you probably think of celebrity endorsements almost instantly. An influencer isn’t necessarily a celebrity though, it can be anyone, even you!

There's actually many tiers of online influencers and this year, you'll want to focus on micro influencers.

Micro influencers, who have a following between 10-100K on Instagram, will be the new experts around town. Enough followers to genuinely connect with, give insight and influence to purchase your product or service. The most important rule here is to find the right one to rep your brand. OR who better than YOU and your creators?

More creators are becoming influencers themselves. Creators are the individuals who create and share content intended to educate or entertain an audience across social media platforms, so kinda like an influencer, right?

It’s the perfect combo = educating and entertaining people

What separates the creator from an influencer though, is the fact that content creators can and are taking it to the next level with current product trends they create, such as guides, eBooks and courses. Like the workbooks and tools in our shop! 🔌 See what I did there? 👀

2. User Generated Content (UGC)

Stay on top of the content your consumers are creating. UGC has been a rising trend in 2022 and wow, it’s about to go above and beyond. So make sure to include it as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

UGC isn’t sponsored by the brand like influencer content is so it comes across more credible and authentic. Actually, 55% are more likely to trust UGC over any other types of marketing!

In an internal study conducted by Meta, UGC drove an 8.7% lift in CTA clicks (customers clicking either “Buy now” or “View on website”) when featured on product pages within Shops.

But let me share 5 main benefits of UGC:

  1. Boost social media reach

  2. Increase sales

  3. Build credibility

  4. Build authenticity

  5. Boost your SEO

Here’s a simple hack how you can access and manage your Meta based (Facebook and Instagram related) UGC for your brand or business:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager and select your shop

  2. Click UGC in the left-hand menu

  3. Click the dropdown in the top right to choose your shop

You’ll see the following tabs:


Browse content where users have tagged or mentioned your brand, preview posts, and request permission from the content creator to feature posts in your shop.

Requested See the posts that you’ve requested to feature in your shop. Icons will show you which posts are pending and which have been declined by the content creator or because they failed to meet our Commerce Policies.

Featured See all the posts that users have given you permission to feature in your shop.

3. Digital Communities

Build your community. Get the right people around you. Stay away from fraud and growth hacks, because this is not gonna get you anywhere. Build a safe space for like-minded people to connect and build trust. Honestly, we all just want to be accepted in a community that shares common interests.

📣 It’s SOCIAL media. Building your own and engaged community requires more than just posting. The key will be to take time to connect and engage with your followers.

Build valuable relationships and lift up others. In a community, you’ll want to shift your focus and put all the attention on your community members.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can build your own community on social media. Check it out here!

4. Video Marketing

You may have a good hold on making video content by now but it’s only going to get larger. Every platform has its own quirks but all fairly similar and easy to get the hang of.

Shoot a bit of video content and then split it up and use it for multiple short form videos. Key word - SHORT. Keep it short. Most viral reels are under 15 seconds.

But, virality isn’t everything. In fact, it’s something you shouldn’t chase. 🏃🏻‍♂️

Avoid these common Reels/TikTok mistakes:

  1. No hook

    1. Hook your audience in 0-2 seconds

  2. Text or most important objects or elements outside the “safe zone” (visible area)

    1. Make sure you stay within the safe zone (yellow lines) when adding text and don’t cover up anything important with your text

  3. Bad quality video

    1. Ensure to have your camera settings set at 1080px & 30fps+

    2. Turn high quality upload on, on your Instagram account

    3. Here’s how: Settings > Account > Data Usage

  4. Shooting videos in the wrong format

    1. Create vertical videos only (mobile-friendly)

  5. Utilizing trends only

    1. Have a strategy and ensure your Reels or TikToks always align with your brand and its message

And, don’t focus on fancy transitions and hacks. Nail down the basics first and learn how to use the app. Most well performing Reels don’t have crazy transitions, unless you are a video editing, fashion or makeup brand.

Get The Reel Deal Guide now and learn how you can master IG Reels!

🙋🏼‍♀️ You can follow me @elasmarketingservices on Instagram for reel tutorials and inspiration, too!

So, if you’re feeling like a pro, or even if you don’t- take a chance! It’s time to jump into reels and Live videos to connect with your community!

5. Authenticity

See a trend within all of these 2023 trends? AUTHENTICITY is the name of the game. No one wants to see perfectly curated content anymore. They want to see you, the real you. It’s relatable, it’s sometimes messy, it’s interesting. And if you really think about it… it’s actually the more unique approach with so many people on social media trying to be something they are not.

“Remember, find your own self and embrace that. Everyone else is taken.”

- Daniela @elasmarketingservices

Yes, we know - It can be scary to put it all out there or some days you just don’t feel like showing yourself on camera… so you don’t have to! But sharing your business and humanizing your brand is SO important. Start small with faceless reels, maybe some BTS (behind the scenes) content and before you know it, you could be talking to your community Live.

If you add personality, people get a chance to relate, trust and connect with you. So if you take one tip away from this to add to your 2023 strategy, it’s to HUMANIZE your brand through your content.

⭐ Oh, and if you want to skip the social media overwhelm but still stand out and create content, The 365 Days of Content Calendar is AVAILABLE NOW!

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. 365+ days of content ideas already filled in a Google sheets content calendar

2. 12 Months of Awareness List

3. Social Media Management Tracker

This content calendar is totally flexible so you can shift things around as you please to fit your needs. We even have fully customizable Canva templates for your IG that cover all major world holidays. Choose from different template themes in our shop. Honestly, there isn’t much more you need.

We hope this was helpful! Learn more about us and the services we offer at


written by Terra Werner and Daniela Schrittenlocher @ELAS Marketing Services LLC

Follow @elasmarketingservices for daily tips, facts and honest social media & marketing talk on Instagram.

Email us at with questions or topic requests.

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