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lifestyle Creator


Hi, I'm Daniela, entrepreneur, passionate content creator and Instagram influencer with an audience of over 140k+ followers.

I partner and create content for brands and business on a daily basis and absolutely enjoy being creative with whatever they have to offer and making the most out of every collaboration.


I help them share their unique stories in a way that feels real and honest. It's not just about advertising; it's about inspiration, making real connections and being helpful.

People trust people. That's I am all about authenticity and keeping it real. 

My Work

My UGC Portfolio

Free Product

Join others and send me your product to try.


In exchange for free product I will test your product and write an authentic review and post it on on your desired channels for you.

Free Stays

In exchange for free hotel or Airbnb stays I will provide a set amount of video content for social media purposes as well as authentic photography for you and will top it off with an authentic review posted on your desired channels.

Paid Collaborations

I would love to collaborate with you on a bigger scale and post our collaboration on my own social media channels (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Lemon8). Let's discuss your needs and collab.

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