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  • Which social media channels should I be on?
    There is no general answer to this. It absolutely depends on who you are and what your goal is. Every social media channel targets a different audience and therefore your strategy should also vary by channel. Our pro tip: Start on one channel and master it. Then move onto the next one. Also remember, if you talk to everyone, you're basically talking to no one. It's important to target your individual audience per channel.
  • What are the most important social media marketing trends in 2022?
    While trends come and go, here are the most popular trends you should know about and keep in mind when it comes to your social media marketing strategy: Short-form videos (Instagram Reels & TikToks) Influencer Marketing Live Shopping NFT & Crypto Social Communities
  • When is my best time to post?
    Our best advice is: When you are available to engage! But obviously that doesn't apply to all channels. Some channels you can post and ghost on and others your definitely shouldn't. Ultimately it depends on your audience. When are they available and online? Keep that in mind. As per platforms that rely on engagement, such as Instagram, take that into account. And last, but not least, be consistent! A consistent schedule trains any algorithm and your audience.
  • How do I get started on social media as a business?
    Your social media success will depend on the clarity your have. It's absolutely worth investing in that ahead of time. Once you have brand clarity, which includes your brand values, language, visuals, target audience, USPs, should determine a content strategy based on the goals you want to achieve. Another crucial part will be a comprehensive competitor analysis! Ultimately, get started! Too many people and businesses tend to overthink things and get lost in comparison. Allow yourself to wander at the beginning and take your time figuring out what you want to establish! Sounds like a lot!? Reach out and we'll help you getting started!
  • Do I have to post short-form video content?
    It depends on what social media platforms you are on, but for the most part, yes, you should! Short-form video content aka Instagram Reels & TikToks are more than just a trend. It's a relatively new form of content people spend hours on consuming. So why not take advantage of it and get your name out there in an entertaining & fun way! If you are new to this form of content, check out our shop for our ultimate guide to Instagram Reels as well as our video marketing blog!
  • How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?
    You can use up to 30 hashtags, but make sure they are relevant to your: Content Industry/Niche Location Brand Most people make the mistake and attract mainly their competitors with their hashtags. Think of hashtags your target audience is interested in and/or following. Did you know we offer a mini hashtags strategy coaching!? You can sign up here:
  • Do I need a content strategy?
    Yes, you do! A content strategy will guide you along the way and make your content creation process a whole lot easier and faster! A good content strategy consists of 3-5 main content pillars (main topics) and breaks down into sub pillars. Need help with that? Ask us.
  • How do I find the right influencer for my business?
    Influencer Marketing is and will be an ongoing trend. People buy from people, but it's important to find the right people to work with when it comes to promoting your products & services. Ask your questions before working with an influencer and make sure they are a good fit! There is a lot of scam out there and you'll want to make sure the influencer: Has a clean account with clean engagement Supports your values Targets the right audience Ask for stats, analytics and insights. And don't forget to be fair! Promoting your products & services is work for the influencer and should be compensated accordingly. Rates varies by social media channel quite a bit, so do your research beforehand. Some important influencer marketing facts: Instagram is the preferred social media channel for brands who engage in Influencer Marketing, with 79% of them doing so. 18% of marketers believe Instagram offers the best influencer marketing ROI. Marketers can make $5.20 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.

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